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Learn From Your Mistakes

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Responsibility!!! I got in more trouble as a child for lying over telling the truth about something I had broken.

I broke my great-grandmother's favorite oil lamp, I thought I would never be forgiven. Maybe I could tell her the cat did it. Or maybe I could clean it up and throw it away and no one would ever know.

My grandmother walks in and starts crying immediately. She's looking at the broken lamp. I started crying too and I don't even know why. I just said, "I sorry grandma". She began to clean up the mess and I joined in to help her. I told her I could buy another one to replace it She seemed to be a bit cold and said, "it was my favorite lamp". I told her maybe the cat did it. She stopped what she was doing, knowing I lied, and turned to me. Facing me she held my shoulders and said, "Don't ever lie! It starts as something you think is no big deal and it grows. It festers inside and then you may have to lie again to cover that lie and it's just not the right thing to do". She hugged me and that was the end of it for her it seemed.

Weeks later I bought my grandma a lamp with the allowance that I had earned. She died not too many month's after that. I was still pretty young but I never again put lying as a forethought to get out of trouble. No matter how hard I always told the truth and met the consequences. Hasn't been bad at all and can't imagine following a path of lies through my life.

I thank my great-grandmother who taught me a lesson that day. "Truth Prevails"!

I was given the lamp that I bought for her to replace the one I broke, after she died. I don't think she ever really liked that lamp I bought, but I did. It was still weird getting it back after she passed away. R.I.P. Grandma (written by Patty Allen-Driver)

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