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Lessons from a Legend

RE/MAX was founded during a recession in 1973, and since then,  Dave Liniger, the co-founder and former CEO of the global real estate franchiser has been through seven different recessions.

There’s opportunity in downturns, Liniger said. The brokerages that were short-sighted or undercapitalized are paying a terrible price, which means that, while other brokerages are pulling back, the ones that positioned themselves well should be getting greedy.

“Now is our time to take more market share,” Liniger said. “Our agents are extremely well-trained, they’re experienced, this is the time to take business away from people who aren’t as well-prepared.”

“There is enough business for some,” Liniger added. “We just have to take more than our fair share.”

RE/MAX, Liniger said, is poised to thrive as millennials move to the suburbs — which he said he predicted would eventually happen 10 years ago — due to the company’s strong brand recognition in the suburbs.

Long term, Liniger said, the demand for housing is going to skyrocket and RE/MAX agents can be the ones who capitalize because RE/MAX, “dominates the suburbs.”

“Whoever controls the inventory is going to control the buyers,” Liniger said.

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