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Patty Allen wrote, "When I got into Real Estate, it wasn't because that was my life long dream. I actually met a guy in a bar who became a good friend of mine. He had a job position open up where he was a "leasing agent". He told me that if he got me the job, then I was "on my own". I had no idea what he was talking about unit I got the job. Apparently there was an "over/under" bet on the position I took and although I bet the under, I did not stay much longer, THE FIRST TIME.

That's right I quit. I told he broker that not one person in the entire world could do the job he expected of me even if I worked 24/7 forever. After Realizing my opportunity to get into a good position in Real Estate, I sucked it up and went groveling back for a reference at the very least.

When I was hired back, I was super happy for about a month but I stayed for 4 years. Afterward I got a job as "Director of Operations" at another firm, just because I worked for the last highly respected broker. The market took a dive and I was laid off, but hired immediately by a RE/MAX team and lived happily-ever-after.

Almost 20 years in Real Estate has not been easy. It is not for everyone and if you can't handle stress, it's not for you. You are literally handling the biggest most expensive purchase that some folks make EVER. When things go good, it's great. When things go wrong, and they do go wrong, it could have a lasting effect.

Study, Get Coaching, Study, Network, Study, Hang in there & Keep Studying!"

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